Friday, February 16, 2007

District Swimming

I covered this same meet last year, too, for The Dispatch, somewhat differently and somewhat the same. I don't like shooting the action in swimming. I think it's pointless. Everybody is shooting the action, which I think is pointless because the light over the water is generally awful and it's really just people bobbing their head up out of the water every-so-often. Everybody's seen that stuff...

It doesn't mean I can totally ignore the actual competition, but more interesting things are happening in the stands and on the deck. Where the moments are happening is where I want to be.

Quiet moments...


Louder moments...

Underwater moments...


Now these next two... I don't know... you all tell me. I'm not happy with either of them, really, on a technical level. They are slightly soft and grainy. But their news value makes them "necessary evils" of a sort. The swimmer, at far right, is a known phenom expected to perhaps qualify for the Olympics in the relatively near future. He broke his own record in the 100-yard butterfly by a full two seconds and finished almost three seconds ahead of all his competitors.

The first image, showing him finished with everyone else still swimming, shows that. The second of him in action with less of a lead, shows that perspective of the story slightly less so, but it is slightly sharper.

You be the editor...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dorsel Bibbee

I'm still following "Old Dorsel" through the changing seasons. Here he is at Cherry Ridge Cemetery in Meigs County, preparing a gravesite for digging earlier this month.

WNA Awards

The Post-Crescent flew me up to Wisconsin to accept an award in person from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association. I won first-place for general news photography for a photo from a soldier returning home to his son from Iraq.

I had a great time seeing my future co-workers again, and had a great time doing a little bit of partying with them. Didn't take many photos but here's a snap of Mr. Wags looking mischeivious.

Scott Strazzante visits OU

Scott Strazzante of the Chicago Tribune came to OU to speak... one of the best we've had. Here are some snaps:

Portfolio reviews:

Signing posters:

We need fill-light!!

I have a fascination with photographing my meals... when they're good...