Sunday, April 20, 2008


About six months ago, this blog almost bit the dust. It wasn't because of a technological glitch, a server error or anything like that. I almost gave See With Me the proverbial "ax" because I felt like I was shouting into a tunnel... and hearing an echo. 

Finding time to blog about my full-time job after getting home from my full-time job was difficult and, quite frankly, draining. At the time, I was under the assumption that my audience; my readership; my circulation; was extremely limited. I estimated there were about 10 people who regularly came here... my girlfriend, my parents and siblings, and the remainder a smattering of colleagues and coworkers. My mentality at the time questioned if satisfying 10 people was worth my energy.

And then came along Google Analytics. 

Analytics is a little piece of computer code that's hidden on every page of this blog. It's truly amazing. As you're reading this, I'm able to know where you're from (shout-out to my lone viewer out in Alamosa, Colorado!). I also know what kind of internet connection you're on, what browser you're using, what kind of computer you're using, and if you've updated your Flash plug-ins (70% of you are using an old version by the way! Go here).

Analytics have proven nearly all of my assumptions about my readership incorrect. 

Predictably, my heaviest traffic comes from states where I have interests in: Wisconsin where I live and work, and Ohio where I came from. But, almost 75% of people who look at See With Me have never been here before. I have a somewhat substantial amount of visitors in California, Illinois, Texas, and New York... all states I've passed through but never made any meaningful connections. I can even claim a couple handfuls of visits each from the UK and South America.

Unique visitors? About 45 per week. A readership of 10, I thought? Boy was I mistaken! I say this tongue-in-cheek: For a really average dude, I'm a pretty big deal.

The point of this isn't to brag. The stats are actually quite paltry. I just see it as a testament to the fact that we really have no idea how far our influence reaches, and how small the world is becoming because of the Internet... and how bored 45 people must be every week that they feel compelled to look at the rubbish I post here!

Equally as interesting, I'm getting timely, sentient comments from people who I don't know. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is. 

Example: less than 14 hours after posting "Finding strength through bodybuilding," a visitor (who appears to be in the bodybuilding industry) posted a genuine comment. Somebody must receive Google alerts...
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