Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Favre may be gone for good...

'This is the end, beautiful friend' - the first few verses of The Doors' "The End" do seem oddly apropos.

A Brett Favre trade [finally] seems immanent... a Green Bay Packer no more. Maybe the Tamba Bay Buccaneers, maybe the N.Y. Jets, maybe the Minnesota Vikings.

Yesterday I was on a stakeout with other media waiting for Favre to emerge from dreadfully long meetings with Packers muckety mucks. Favre described the whole situation as a 'stalemate' and disappointing.

He emerged from the stadium's loading dock area and hugged Jerry Parins, director of corporate security with the Green Bay Packers. To insiders and locals, Parins has been a special figure in the organization for sometime and it's probable that there is some degree of friendship between him and Favre.

We chose this photo because of the mood. It has a real sense of finality... the shell-shocked expression, the hug, the face buried, the bag of belongings.

Or maybe we read into the image too much... maybe it's just a bag of empty Tupperware from his "brown-bagged" lunch. Maybe the two always hug...

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