Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Collisions, collisions...

Covering collisions really gets old.

In the AP stylebook we're told that there's no such thing as a car "accident" and that you should never call it as such in a news story or a photo caption. I'm really beginning to believe that.

There's always a reason.

There's always somebody at fault.

Things don't just happen. They may be out of our own control but they happen out of foolishness or negligence. And they affect people's lives.

We forget that far too often.

A sheriffs deputy and assistant district attorneys tend to the scene of a two vehicle collision on U.S. 41 southbound, north of County GG in Winnebago County near the Town of Vinland, Wis., Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 27, 2008. One person was killed and four others were seriously injured after a car crossed the median on U.S. 41 and collided with an oncoming American Red Cross van.
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