Friday, August 21, 2009

Favre is a Viking

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) jokes with former NFL coach Steve Mariucci after practice at Winter Park in Eden Prairie, Minn., Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009.

Tuesday I was sent to Minneapolis to cover some local news in a not-so-local location. Legendary Packer quarterback Brett Favre – who has twice retired – again came out of retirement. If signing with the Jets last season wasn't enough of a slap in the face to Wisconsinites and Packers fans worldwide, signing with the Packers' divisional arch rivals just about did the trick.

Despite being in Minneapolis for two days, covering the Vikings was a very brief experience. It's not like covering the Packers where photography and filming is generally allowed the entire duration of a preseason practice. In Minnesota, you get 30 minutes at the beginning of practice. And of course it's not the good 30 minutes. It's 25 minutes of stretching, running, and... umm... "self sub-abdominal adjusting," and then 5 minutes of very light warm-up activity.

Simply put: It's a challenge. Tack on the task of shooting enough video footage for a 90-second video and you're one busy guy.

You're given a 2-minute warning before they tell you to stop shooting. You're allowed to stay and observe. But if they see that camera rolling, get raised to your eye, or hear a click, you're out of there.

It's torture. Imagine this: Favre is eight feet away from you chatting with the other quarterbacks and adjusting his brand new purple helmet... and you can't make a frame. You could risk it. But if you're caught, you run the risk of having your credentials stripped, and in the process screwing yourself and/or the other photographer who's planning on covering Favre's actual game later that week (which is arguably more important).

Sometimes the rules just suck.

Here are a few other frames I liked.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) prepares to throw deep to a receiver during practice at Winter Park in Eden Prairie, Minn., Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) runs after practice with strength and conditioning coach Tom Kanavy.

Former NFL coach Steve Mariucci answers questions from the media regarding newly signed Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre (4) after practice.

Upon Tuesday's arrival of the Minnesota Vikings' new quarterback Brett Favre (4), Carter's Cafe lightheartedly changed it's sign across from the Winter Park practice facility.
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