Sunday, August 22, 2010

Green Bay-area mosque

As national debate grows over a proposed mosque in New York, similar grumblings have taken place recently in Green Bay as a nearby Islamic society sought zoning approval for a new location for their place of worship in an empty building within the city limits. Myself and reporter Scott Williams spent the afternoon at the current Ashwaubenon location: a small, nondescript strip-mall suite.

As lots of attention had being given to opponents, our goal for the piece was to take people into a mosque, put a face to Islam in our community, and give them a voice of explanation through the video below.

Spilling out into the hallway, Muslim men listen to Imam Mohamed Zakarya give a sermon during prayer at Islamic Society of Wisconsin's Green Bay area mosque on Packerland Drive in Ashwaubenon, Wis., Friday afternoon, Aug. 20, 2010. The group looks forward to their new larger mosque on Velp Avenue in Green Bay as their current room cannot hold all those who come to pray.

Khadar Gedi and his son Amir, 2, of Green Bay listen to the Imam's sermon.

Muslim men chat outside after prayer.

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