Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amputation can't stop him

From our story about N.E.W. Lutheran High School offensive/defensive lineman DaVonte King by Scott Venci:
"Every day in the hospital, I would say, 'Why? Why did this have to happen to me?'" King said. "And then I would pray. Another day I would just be like, 'God, why did you do this to me? Why? Why me?

"But I realized that it's whatever. I have to live with it for my life. I can do most of the things other kids can do my age."

That includes playing football.

King (no relation) is a freight train with a fun personality. You can tell after watching him for five minutes that he loves to play and isn't going to let anything stop him. I really liked his posture and intensity in the photo below.

N.E.W. Lutheran High School's DaVonte King prepares to make a hit during practice in Green Bay, Wis., Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010. King lost his left leg while in middle school.
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