Sunday, December 26, 2010

Movies for those with autism

Worked on a story (link) with reporter Doug Erickson about a local movie theater that does special showings for families with autistic children. Most people never think of how overstimulating a movie can be for someone with autism.

Bailey Heibel, 13, of Waunakee roams and explores the lobby at Marcus Point Cinema while his father Tom and brother Zach, 14, center, chat, and his mother Julie, far left, picks up concessions in Madison, Wis., Saturday morning, Dec. 18, 2010. Both of the Heibels' sons have autistic spectrum disorders. The theater occasionally offers special showings of movies for children with autistic spectrum disorders or other sensory challenges (such as hypersensitivity to light or sound).

Dana Pellebon of Fitchburg watches the beginning of the movie "Yogi Bear" with her son, Cobain, 6, at Marcus Point Cinema.

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