Friday, April 29, 2011

Bedtime story?

Audrey McMillan, 7, of McFarland, reads "Mythological Monsters" to Buddy, 9, a tired Golden Retriever, at the Monona Public Library in Monona, Wis., Tuesday afternoon, March 8, 2011. Since 2008 at the library, children have been afforded the opportunity once a month to read to dogs through the Reading Education Assistance Dogs program. Karen Wendt, the library's youth services coordinator says children sometimes feel like they'll be corrected when reading with an adult. When reading with a dog, she says, it helps the children "feel relaxed, comfortable, in a non-judgemental setting. Children who are relaxed and having fun while they're reading, read for longer...and they will read more often." Information about registering for the opportunity is available at:
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