Monday, July 09, 2007

U.S. Senior Open, Final Round

Our coverage of the USSO at Whistling Straits has come to an end. Today was the final round.

You wouldn't know from the photo below that I was actually out on the course. I was there on the 18th hole when all the leaders finished, and when Bryant vigorously hugged his caddie when it was clear he was the winner.

Covering a major golf tournament as part of a team has its benefits and its drawbacks. You could never do it alone, but in sharing the duties you ultimately lose some opportunities that you are used to as the sole photographer at an event.

You won't always be the photographer with "the" shot, and you won't always have the A1 lead photo or the cover. On the 18th hole, when Bryant finished, we had four visual angles on the hole... only one would be the shot.

You never know what direction they'll tip their hat... or if the caddy will walk in front of you blocking your view... or if the bright yellow pin will plague the background instead of contribute context. In my case, all three of these problems occurred from my view... all things I had no control over as part of a team.

It is indeed frustrating, but looking back on the difficult week we had I wouldn't have been able to do it alone and I couldn't have asked for better people to work with and share my time. We're looking forward to covering the PGA when they return in 2010.

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