Saturday, November 03, 2007

Deer season in hunters' sights

I've never been hunting.

Personally, I'm quite tolerant of people who hunt for food needs.

I don't, however, agree morally with hunting for sport or population control. Research has shown that hunting to control deer populations doesn't help and in some cases actually makes overpopulation worse. Too often we forget that Spencer and Darwin were right about a lot of things... particularly that the fittest survive and reproduce. There are much more effective ways of controlling deer populations, including hands-off approaches, and yes... even deer contraception.

Nevertheless, there are just some things in this business that you have to cover objectively despite your personal opinions.

This story was about hunters heading out to local gun clubs to adjust the sights and scopes of their rifles and shotguns. Although, there was just something really cool about a smoking, spent shotgun round ejecting from the chamber of a Weatherby...

...and a collection bin for spent rifle rounds.

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