Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Snow can only be pushed so high"

This is one of the snowiest winters in Appleton, Wis., history. We've passed 70 inches with our last major storm. Usually temperatures rise enough between storms to melt the accumulation away. But that just hasn't happened this year.

So much snow has accumulated alongside the roads and sidewalks, that it's buried fire hydrants and blocked motorists' views at intersections and crossroads.

Late at night after the traffic has died down, the city pushes all of the snow into the middle lane and trucks it out by dump-truck. With as much snow as we've had, just this one mile section of Washington Street took the crew several hours to clear – an extremely small percentage of the major arterial roadways that needed cleared.

City workers remove mass amounts of snow from West Washington Street east of North Superior Street in Appleton, Wis., early Wednesday morning, Feb. 20, 2008.
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