Friday, February 15, 2008


Lots of things photojournalists cover are recurring events... annual, biennial, etc. If we covered it last year, we'll most certainly cover it again this year – that sort of stuff. It's difficult to get original images of those things. Ideally you send a different photographer each year to mix up the vision. That doesn't always happen.

But it's a totally different story when you have an "event" that happens half a dozen times in the course of a few months. Example: snowstorms... snow in Wisconsin in the winter can be like sand at the beach in Florida. It's almost always here. But unlike Florida, we cover our weather rather heavily, and that means every snowstorm, we are out in it.

So when you've been shooting a snowstorm a week for a month, you start running out of ideas. Luckily I was assigned to shoot some scenics instead of shovel/snowblower-cam... frankly, it's a lot easier and you end up staying a lot warmer. The first and last photos here were technically taken indoors!

Looking east from the downtown skywalk, traffic moves along College Avenue after several inches of snow blanketed Appleton, Wis., Thursday, Feb. 14, 2008.

Looking forward to the 6-12 inches we're expecting on Sunday! I might build a snowman...
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