Saturday, June 14, 2008


We did a story about a particular apartment complex in the Town of Menasha that had a particularly high frequency of calls for law enforcement last year.

It's a difficult story to illustrate, particularly in the middle of the day when there aren't any people around to hook up with.. The only real option is to show signs of neglect. Many might argue that those are not truly related issues, but if you've studied urban sociology you'll know that the neglect of property (be it damage, cleanliness, even fully-covered windows) are all signs, causes and effects of other social problems like drugs, domestic abuse and altercations, and other disturbances.

It's a bit of a stretch on a daily story but there aren't always many in-depth options on short notice. This isn't the photo we used for the story, but another from the take.

The Villa de Faire apartment complex in Town of Menasha, Wis., shown Tuesday afternoon, June 10, 2008, had 188 service calls from police in 2007.
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