Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Williams family

In 2005, Joel and Deanna Williams lost their only child, Bradley. He collapsed on the field due to a rare congenital heart condition during a Xavier High School football practice.

This past year, they adopted two young children, a brother and sister, from Siberia: Dmitry, 5, and Yana, 7. Birthdays weren't celebrated in the Russian orphanages... the two children never had theirs celebrated.

That changed as new members of the Williams family.

Joel and Deanna graciously opened their lives to us once again the other week, letting us document Dmitry's fifth birthday party.

Joel and Deanna Williams celebrated the 5th birthday of their adopted son, Dmitry (Dma), shown giving Deanna a kiss during the party at their home in Greenville, Wis., Sunday, Oct. 5, 2008. It was the first time in Dmitry's life that his birthday was celebrated.

Dmitry blows out the candles on his cake.

Family pictures hang on the living room wall of the Williams family during a family gathering. Their adopted children, Dmitry and Yana, are now part of the family, and their late son, Bradley, always will be.
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