Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Donald Trump graces Green Bay with his presence

Donald Trump – The Donald – came to Green Bay on Monday to make a big announcement as the new owner of WWE wrestling's "Monday Night RAW."

Landing at Austin Straubel International Airport, Trump was greeted by the WWE Divas who apparently had dressed for the unseasonably warm temperatures.

The hair really is that bad...

We Press-Gazette folks got an exclusive with Trump and WWE Chairman "Vince" McMahon... it did me little good other than afford me the opportunity to get a nice photo of Kendra interviewing a celebrity.

Trump announced that in addition to that evening's live show of "Monday Night RAW" being commercial-free, he would refund every ticket-holder's money. He made a grand appearance during the show much to people's delight.

The people were behind him... he could have run for office...

He and McMahon got into an "altercation" (certainly scripted) ending with Trump slapping McMahon in the face. Kendra wrote in her column a hillarious observation:

"My favorite “Green Bay moment’’ during the broadcast came when Trump and McMahon were in the middle of their verbal smackdown. Behind them you could see a fan come back to his seat after making a beer run: two bottles for himself, two bottles for his buddy."

The rest of the evening I made some pictures of the action for no reason other than simple practice and experience of photographing something new.

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