Friday, June 05, 2009

Graduation Day...

In a way, graduations are like shooting fish in a barrel. Parents are happy... kids are happy... everyone's happy.

Brenda Munn waves to her son, James Munn, during the processional into the Kress Events Center at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus for Green Bay East High School's Class of 2009 graduation in Green Bay, Wis., Thursday evening, June 4, 2009.

But a problem came up this time. I kneeled down in the center aisle as the graduates walked off the stage with their diplomas. I got this nice frame below... great smile... diplomas... hopeful eyes...

I snuck into the row behind the girl as she returned to her seat and got her name: Carlie A. Bradley.

Or so I thought.

When I returned to the office to input the photos on deadline I referred to my graduation program for a correct spelling on Ms. Bradley.

Scanning down the list...

Danielle C. Boex
Sarah L. Bossell
Carlie A. Bradley
Lyndsey Bradley
Tyler P. Brennan

Oh... oh, s#!%. So there's two Bradleys in the program. Now a river of doubt is inundating my brain... are they twins? Cousins? Did I approach the wrong girl?

I look through my entire take, going through one-by-one all of the overall photos I took from the balcony hoping the two Bradleys are in one of them and further hoping that one of them looks like an alien from outer space in comparison to the other, as to make my initial assertion immediately and undeniably obvious that this girl above is indeed Carlie A. Bradley.

No dice.

There's only one overall photo with only one of the two Bradleys in it on the very right edge of the frame.

I can't be sure and I have to scrap the photo. I simply cannot as a journalist risk an attributable error (and subsequent correction) to my name. As my friend Joel said... when your gut is telling you something's up, something usually is...

In a pinch, I had to use my backup frame (no offense to Dustin, below)...

Dustin Paluch of Green Bay East High School's Class of 2009 hugs associate principal Lori Frerk after receiving his diploma.

So in closing to this post... I'm sending out an APB (all-points bulletin) to all the Green Bay Bradleys. Write in... comment... call... let me know somehow... who is this girl? Is it Carlie (as I had thought) or did I save myself a reaming from my editors because it's Lyndsey?
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