Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Chapter: Madison

Above is a photo of the hallway outside the Press-Gazette's multimedia studio, newly decorated with four pictures from each photographer on staff (mine are at far left). It's an area of the building that I feel like I've left a really positive mark... and a place where I really came to feel comfortable. It's important to me to reflect on this because today is my last day of work at the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

On Nov. 8, I'll begin work as a photographer at the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison. Change is change... it's agitating but exciting, risky but with the possibility of greener pastures.

In Madison I'll be one of four photographers (3.5 technically since the chief photographer will be doing a good amount of scheduling and planning). I'll be busier, which is great because I got into this field in the first place to work my butt off and be out in the community. I'll be asked to help shape the video and multimedia strategy for the staff going forward. And I'll be more a part of major sports coverage, my first photographic love.

My hope with every endeavor is to make myself and the place I'm at better. I feel like my time in Green Bay allowed me to do that and now it's time to do it at the next level in Madison.

It's game time.
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