Thursday, June 09, 2011

It's like covering a congressional hearing...

...only in a much smaller, less beautiful room.

The political madness in Wisconsin continues as we shift some of our attention to the impending recalls of several state Senators. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Board is in the middle of a mess of a fight over signatures, petitions and affidavits for the recalls. They held an open session with lawyers and GAB staff to help determine how to handle the situation.

Jonathan Becker, division administrator of Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board's ethics division, looks at a projection of an affidavit in question during an open session meeting in the agency's board room in Madison, Wis., Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board's staff counsel Shane Falk, left, and elections specialist David Buerger, right, make a presentation to the GAB board members in the open session meeting.

Judge Gordon Myse on Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board asks questions of GAB staff during the meeting.

Jeremy Levinson, an attorney for Democrat state senators being recalled, offers a rebuttal presentation.

Eric McLeod, an attorney representing committees trying to recall Democrat state senators, offers a rebuttal presentation.
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