Thursday, June 09, 2011

Till death do us part – tomorrow or years from now

Don Slick and his girlfriend, Lisa Threlkeld, had been together for 17 years. Their normal day-to-day life together was abruptly interrupted by a diagnosis: Don's heart valves were infected. He has been hospitalized for nearly a month at Meriter Hospital in Madison.

Facing a high-risk surgery to replace the valves, Don proposed. The couple arranged a ceremony in the hospital courtyard scheduled for the day before the procedure. There, he stood up out of his wheelchair for the entire ceremony.

It was truly a blessing to witness and photograph this special day for them and our readers.

UPDATE: I'm happy to say that Don made it through surgery and is recovering.

Don Slick and Lisa Threlkeld, his long-time partner, stand before the Rev. Jason Hill, chaplain resident, during a wedding in the Meriter Hospital courtyard in Madison, Wis., Wednesday morning, June 8, 2011. Slick faces high-risk cardiac surgery on June 9.

Don and Lisa exchange their vows.

Deedra Atkinson, a United Way colleague, comforts Don as he and Lisa walk as husband and wife for the first time after the ceremony.

Don Slick gets a hug from United Way colleague Amber Buchmann after the ceremony.

Don is wheeled into a small hospital reception by his new wife, Lisa, after their wedding ceremony at Meriter Hospital.

Don and Lisa toast each other with a glass of champagne during the small reception.

Don and Lisa cut their wedding cake.
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