Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's a jungle out there...

My first assignment for a new paper always appears to be trivial when it’s assigned. My first shoot at The Dispatch was lumberjackers at the state fair. In Evansville we did a feature about how gas stations were running out of 2’s for their price boards (ha! A lot changes in a year!). But, I have a track record of turning these things into A1 or Local centerpieces. And this is a cool thing, because chicken shit to chicken salad (which still isn’t all that palatable) is what daily photojournalism is all about.

This shoot was actually kind of interesting and it might even make some waves. This guy Scott of Darboy, Wis., owns an empty lot on the north side of Appleton. The city has been issuing multiple citations to him and other landowners for “offensive growth” of vegetation on their vacant property. Each fine is $50.

It does seem rather ridiculous. We’re running the story A1 sometime next week.

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