Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sweet Apple–ton

I arrived in Appleton on Saturday, June 10. It was a long drive… I got detoured 30 miles in the middle of Indiana (I think I totally hate that state…) and then I took a wrong turn in northwest Chicago which took me on traffic-laden two-lane state routes.

Twelve hours, but I finally got here…

The town was totally disorienting at first. It’s the little things. The traffic lights are horizontal on the sides of the intersections… there are more yield signs than stop signs… there are several 6-way intersections… there’s only one set of railroad tracks that runs through town, but it’s on a 45º cross through town, and the streets are curved so you’ll cross the tracks maybe 2-3 times on your way home.

It’s funny.

I live downtown. Now, downtown in a city of 80,000ish people is nothing like a metro’s downtown. But this place is bumping. Dare I say its nightlife is just as lively as Athens? I know… unreal. This place is f-u-n fun. I don’t know about the cold winters, but I think I could live here.

The folks I work with in the Post-Crescent’s photography department, and a few others from the newsroom, had a cookout on Sunday so I could get to know them. Good time...

Good people.
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