Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm shooting that? Again!?

It's the nature of the job. Usually, as a photojournalist you live in one place at least for a couple of years. In a smallish community with a smallish photo-staff, you're bound to cover the same event more than once.

Greenville, Wis., is home of the annual Great Catfish Extravaganza. I never thought of catfish as "great"... tasty, yes, but not "great". The good folks in Greenville are all about their catfish. So much so that they race them.

Last year I shot the races as an intern for The Post-Crescent. I made a picture taken with a fish-eye lens that actually won several awards. It's incredibly daunting when you're assigned the same assignment where you made an award-winning photo and are expected to out-shoot yourself and come back with something nobody's ever seen.

I gave it my best shot. This event always has gorgeous light...

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