Sunday, August 26, 2007

Woooooooo!!! Gospel Fest! Wooooooooo!!!

Here are a few photographs from the Voices of Peace Gospel Music Festival at Civic Park in Hilbert.

It's your usual outdoor concert kind of thing, but I saw something special in the way that these musicians prepared backstage. Many of the groups are simply families who feel the call to take their talents to the stage to evangelize the Christian Gospel.

The Yoder Family from Farmville, Va., is one of them. Mike Yoder, right, and his sons Forrest, left, and Rusty prepared their instruments together by their trailer. I was drawn to the simplicity of the scene and the visual repetition. I also love the fact that they have their own .org website.

Also backstage, Bud McAtee from Potter, Wis., tuned up his guitar.

Others soon joined him for a "jam-session" of Christian hymns.

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