Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Fri– hey wait a minute...

In Wisconsin, the end of football season starts getting screwey. Games start being played on Thursdays, and Tuesdays, and Saturdays in addition to Fridays.

That kind of threw me off a little bit, but I still had a decent night. The nice aspect is that I only had one game to cover. It's incredibly relaxing. I even walked to Subway during halftime to eat dinner. (sub of the day... just $2.99...)

It was a total mud-bowl because of recent rains, so I tried to capture that a little bit.

I try to avoid putting in pictures of people's backs, but despite that, I think this picture of an interception has a lot going on... lots of appendages... appendages are always good, and so is mud.

Our sports tabloid cover photo:

I like flying turf.
I always get a kick out of it, and I should stop being so obsessed with it. But you have to understand: when I was in high school I shot high school football on high-speed color film – believe it or not... I'm not that young. I developed it by hand for extended times in hot developer... that's how most everybody shot prep football. The resolving power of that film along with the relatively short lenses made photos looks pretty awful. There were minimal details – ooo... a hand! ooo... a ball! I got the ball in the frame and it happens to look brownish! Sweet!

Now with digital, the low-light quality really rivals and often exceeds what film ever did – without the carcinogenic chemicals. Seeing amazing details like blades of grass flying up from a soccer slide-tackle, or the finest of hairs on a person's face in a portrait shoot are really commonplace anymore. One really disgusting example is that I once captured someone sneezing at 8-frames-per-second... and no, they didn't cover their mouth.

My point: we've come a long way from tintypes and wet processes, and we should continue to be amazed at the increasing accuracy we can depict our world with.

A final frame.

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