Monday, October 08, 2007

Called up to the big leagues...

I was planning on heading north to Lambeau Field to work on a feature/atmosphere story for my next ViewFinder project.

Then the Crandon shootings happened and the usual plans went out the window. Patrick Ferron, who usually shoots the Packers games with Dan Powers, was sent to Crandon and I was assigned to game coverage with Dan. It was my first regular season game.

Specifically I was assigned to be the "Favre-cam." At home games we like to have one photographer focusing on Favre full time so we get all the action, reaction, or injuries. I got some decent photos from the game, and even the game-winning touchdown, but more importantly (in my mind) I learned some things that will make next time easier and more productive.

Dan Powers: "I know you're assigned to Favre, but when it's the 4th quarter, the game is tied, and the Bears are past the Green Bay 40, why the **** are you still shooting Favre on the bench... the game is out on the field!"

Green Bay Packers' Nick Barnett wraps up Chicago Bears quarterback Brian Griese in the third quarter.

Me and my low angles again. I'll master this yet! Green Bay Packers' Brett Favre prepares a hand-off for DeShawn Wynn in the third quarter.

Green Bay Packers' Atari Bigby is unable to keep Chicago Bears' Greg Olsen from pulling in a touchdown pass in the third quarter.

Chicago Bears' Desmond Clark tumbles over Green Bay Packers' Nick Collins at the end zone for the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Green Bay Packers' Brett Favre walks off the field after the Packers' loss to the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field.
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