Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another Friday night... Week 4

This was not as good of a week for high school football.

My first quarter daylight is gone - I have no choice but to use flash, which completely ruins photographs. The warmer weather is waning - it was a low of 32ยบ Friday night. When it's that cold, batteries don't hold a charge. I cover two games a night, shooting as many as 500 frames or more over the course of the evening. While I drive during halftime to the second game, I set all my batteries on the passenger side floor-board under the heater-blower. This warms them up and makes them last longer.

It's so cold, my hands, even though they are gloved, are numb. I can't really feel my face. The wind is drying out my eyes so much, I'm crying.

But I think I love it...
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