Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Welcome to the world of trivia... the 43rd annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest based at the WLFM studios at Lawrence University in Appleton.

GMTC is an over-the-(internet)radio trivia contest that goes from about 10pm Friday evening through midnight Sunday... it goes non-stop. Most people compete as part of a team. About 300 regular questions are asked over the course of the weekend... you have three minutes to answer these by calling in. These are not easy questions... they usually require research. The whole thing is incredibly addictive... team members sleep in shifts so enough people can be awake at all hours to answer.

Jabberwocky out of Greenville, Wis., is well into its second decade of participating in the contest.

Always polite with the trivia personnel on the other end of the line even when her team's answers are incorrect, "Fred" Carole Leslie answers a trivia question by phone as part of the trivia team Jabberwocky.

What a cute dog they have. Yodi, 17. I want her.

"I need it to stimulate my brain," said James Steinberg, using a massager on his forehead while participating in the 43rd annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest with his trivia team Jabberwocky.

Jabberwocky teammates "Fred" Carole Leslie, left, and Denney Gaines (cq) pore through decades of trivia records – past questions and accumulated facts – while trying to answer a question. Other computer-savvy team members meanwhile use google.com, wikipedia.org, and other reference sites.
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